Converge Lecture Series

Converge Lecture Series is rooted in the Pikes Peak Region. Foundations, Churches, Academic Institutions, Businesses, and Community Members make our work possible.

Thank you (a million times thank you) to the generosity of our community for bringing this dream to life. 


The legacy institute

Legacy Institute has promoted Converge Lecture Series programming and encouraged substantive education-based output for the nonprofit.

The Legacy Institute has a vision – to advance public education, public leadership, and community development in Colorado Springs.

The Converge Lecture Series and Legacy Institute teams are kindreds in pursuit of accessible, meaningful, inspired education in the city of Colorado Springs, CO.

The Joseph Henry edmondson foundation

The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation is the first foundation partner of Converge Lecture Series.

The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation provides funding for nonprofit organizations in the Pikes Peak Region serving to support: the welfare of children, the incapacitated, homeless, families, and the elderly; the preservation and improvement of the environment and natural resources; the arts; education; healthcare; community improvements; and charitable outreach.

The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation has made lectures and fellowship programming possible and has continually encouraged thoughtful work from the Converge Lecture Series team. 

bee vradenburg foundation

Bee Vradenburg Foundation is a founding partner of Converge Lecture Series. 

Bee Vradenburg Foundation exists to advance the relevance, resilience, and greatness of arts in the Pikes Peak Region. 

The foundation launched the Converge Fellows program and has prompted our team to engage youth in the city with the transformative work of the arts through meaningful, sustainable programming. 

university of colorado at colorado springs
center for religious diversity and public life

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life believed in the work from the very beginning. 

The Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life exists to foster a healthy and fruitful relationship between the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the surrounding community as it concerns religious issues and public life. 

The Center for Religious Diversity has emboldened our thinking on lecture topics, the role of faith and literature, and our love for Colorado Springs. 

Poor Richard's Bookstore

Poor Richard's Bookstore was an important component of Converge Lecture Series long before the project began. Founders of the Series (Sam and Kelli Stephenson) went on their first date at Poor Richard's Bookstore. 

Poor Richard's Bookstore specializes in good-condition, used books, including current books in 150 categories and classics in every field. The store stocks a large variety of new books, Colorado trail guides, local and state maps, wildlife/flora books and artistic, funny and quirky postcards.

Poor Richard's Bookstore donates the proceeds from every single book sold at Converge Events and in-store books sold of every Converge Lecturer (year round) to the Converge Fellowship. 


KRCC - southern colorado's npr station

KRCC and Converge Lecture Series have worked together to create complimentary audio programming about our favorite topic: moral beauty. 

Through rigorous reporting, impactful storytelling and thoughtful music curation, 91.5 KRCC serves those seeking knowledge and an authentic connection to Southern Colorado and the world at large.

KRCC produces quarterly podcast content for Converge Lecture Series that can be found here.

The material created by KRCC is rich, thoughtful, and masterfully produced. 

First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church is the first church partner (and first official partner) of Converge Lecture Series. 

First United Methodist Church, founded as the first church in Colorado Springs in 1871, is one of the city's largest and most active congregations. 

First United Methodist Church is integral to the DNA of Converge Lecture Series. The church is home to Converge Lecture Series book studies, reading group, and community conversations. 

Tiemens Foundation

Tiemens Foundation partnered with Converge Lecture Series to streamline data and improve the effectiveness of our outreach initiatives. 

The Tiemens Foundation unequivocally believes that Arts, Culture and Education have a powerful way of getting people to think differently, to unleash passions, to celebrate diversity....indeed to stretch minds.

Tiemens Foundation, true to its mission, has partnered with Converge Lecture Series to craft conversations in Colorado Springs that are passionate and inclusive. 

Wells Fargo The Private Bank

Wells Fargo Private Bank has partnered with Converge Lecture Series to encourage civil discourse in the Colorado Springs. 

Wells Fargo Private Bank offers diverse wealth management solutions to help you build, manage, and transition your wealth.

The organization has encouraged us to act responsibly with confidence.Wells Fargo Private Bank has stimulated conversations about where we are, where we hope to be, and how we can get there. More information on those tools can be found here.

Harrison High School

Harrison High School is the site of the Converge Fellowship.

Converge Lecture Series and Harrison High School select six students to practice the rigor of the arts and action in the Colorado Springs community. 

Learn more about the Converge Fellows Program. 

Sacred Heart drwg.jpg

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a champion of our lecture theme: moral beauty and built the foundation for the Converge Fellows Curriculum.

The church has coupled with Converge Lecture Series to ask difficult questions, to encourage and nurture inspiration, and to frame literature through the lens of spiritual engagement.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has encouraged the active participation with literature seen in the long, rich history of the Catholic Church. 

Pikes peak community college

Pikes Peak Community College has been a guiding light in our work to encourage students to chase after the arts. Our organizations believe that the arts introduce beauty to the lives of every single person.

Pikes Peak Community College brings students to each lecture,
provides staffing for the Converge Fellows program, and lends
insight to Converge Programming and work in the Colorado
Springs, CO community.